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Part Number: 2587



2015-2022 Chevrolet Colorado
2015-2022 GMC Canyon




Ride-Rite™ air helper springs mount between the frame and the suspension of light trucks, vans, and motor homes. The heavy duty convoluted air springs will handle all leveling needs with load carrying capacities between 3,200 to 5,000 Pounds per set.

  • Level The Vehicle Front-To-Rear And Side-To-Side
  • Adjustability 5 To 100 PSI
  • Stabilize The Vehicle While Loaded
  • Maximize Vehicles Load Carrying Capacity
  • Everything Is Included For A Quick, Easy Installation. Brackets, Air Springs, Hardware, Air Line, And Separate Valves For Manual Inflation
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Firestone Industrial RIDE-RITE ™ HELPER SPRING KIT

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